Image of Set of 6 small VIIE VASES

Set of 6 small VIIE VASES


VIIE VASES are sets of archaic-looking textured vases. 
They come in sets of two, three and six, in small and in medium-sized vases. They are hand-thrown on a potter's wheel and therefore each has it's unique personality. The vases are unglazed so their design varies just through the use of different kinds of clays and the individuality of the potters hands.

The sizes of the medium sized vases vary from approx. 10 - 18 cm.
The small vases are between 4 - 9 cm.

VIIE Vases are designed and handmade in Berlin.
– different kinds of clay –

The estimated delivery time is between one to three weeks depending on our stock.

Please contact us for a specific shipping offer, if your country is not among the shipping destinations.

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